Employee Welcome Box


$ 78.39 / Pack


Embark on a journey of belonging and productivity with our thoughtfully curated Employee Welcome Box, designed to greet new team members with warmth and functionality. Quench your thirst for success with our Trail Venture Stainless Steel Bottles, keeping you hydrated and focused throughout the workday. Capture ideas and insights on the fly with our sleek Mini Notebook, ensuring no brilliant thought goes unnoticed. Stay organized and prepared for any task with our Lightweight Casual Laptop Backpack, combining style and practicality for your daily commute. Add a touch of personality to your workspace and belongings with our playful Hologram Stickers, sparking creativity and camaraderie among colleagues. Welcome aboard with confidence and excitement, as our Employee Welcome Box sets the stage for a seamless integration into the team and a journey of growth and achievement ahead.

Pack includes

  • Trail Venture Stainless Steel Bottles
  • Mini Notebook
  • Lightweight Casual Laptop Backpack
  • Hologram Stickers