Corporate Swag Box


$ 34.96 / Pack


Elevate your corporate gifting game with our exclusive Corporate Swag Box, a sophisticated ensemble guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Start your day in style with our Dual Colored Ceramic Java Cup, blending form and function for the perfect morning brew. Shield your eyes from the glare of success with our Admired Customized Sunglasses, tailored to reflect your company's unique brand identity. Add a touch of personality to your belongings with our eye-catching Die Cut Stickers, perfect for personalizing laptops, notebooks, and more. Stay cozy and chic during colder months with our Glamorous Wool Beanies, ensuring warmth without compromising on elegance. Whether rewarding top performers, welcoming new clients, or celebrating milestones, our Corporate Swag Box is the epitome of corporate sophistication, offering a curated selection of high-quality essentials that exude professionalism and panache.

Pack includes

  • Dual Colored Ceramic Java Cup
  • Admired Customized Sunglasses
  • Die Cut Stickers
  • Glamorous Wool Beanies